Graphic Screen Examples 04Caselistv4.0 Preparation Software
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Patient Entry Screen
pulldown fields
Gynecology Listing Form
final list
Obstetric Listing Form
Direct Edit form
Check Major Procedures
choice of sort ordering
Hospital Pages Screen
missing data information
Follow Up Form
request patient followup
Affidavit Form
Macintosh Operating System
MacOS9 or MacClassic9 (NOT Windows or MacOSX)
Macintosh PPC (G3 or later)
RAM memory: 10 Mb
Hard Disk memory: 5Mb (plus 3 Mb disk space/1000 visits)
Helix Database Engine or Rade(v5.2) is required
Fonts used: Arial, Geneva, Palatino, Monaco
Printouts are optimized for inkjet printers. Laser printers may produce less predictable results

Inquire at: OBsoftware@OBSoft.net

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Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computers
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(July 20, 2003)